• Biomass briquette is the best substitute of coal ,furnace oil &other fuels which are used in industrial boilers.
  • Biomass briquettes are made up of agri-waste material and are eco-friendly.
  • The product is high in calorific value and low in ash and moisture content.

Raw Material

Primary raw material used is Soyabean husk (soyabean kutar). Soyabean husk is rich in oil content and perfectly binds the briquettes. Groundnut shells and saw dust is also used in combination with soyabean husk as per requirement.

We procure best quality of raw material to ensure best quality briquettes. Our raw material is directly procured from the farmers to preserve the quality of raw material.

At out factory, raw material is tested by using iron mesh technique to ensure no contamination and impurities in the raw material.